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For Humans.

We are Webchefs, the team of approachable nerds that delivers highly maintainable software and is not afraid of problematic questions.

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Coming from finance, econometrics and economic background, our leaders can split any business model into atoms and provide a cohesive user experience with cutting edge software solutions.

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We will not lie and tell you we are staying overnight, brewing hectoliters of coffee to meet unrealistic deadlines. We don’t believe this is sustainable nor good for anyone from our or your team for that matter. Let’s work towards a goal that will let us have a healthy life-work balance.

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The more intricate the challenge, the more excited we get. Diving into everyday software struggles and solving them with one click makes our design and software team quite a rescue for some people.

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We have carefully selected what works best and what doesn't for the particular business case. Let us share it with you.

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MVP solutions
and consulting

“How much does an app cost?”
“It depends.”

Generic, but true; however, we believe you can always build something of value. You need to match your budget with expectations, and we can help you do just that: make your idea a digital reality.

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Web, mobile apps
and websites

“Is there a big difference?”
“None, in some cases.”

Match technology to your business, not the other way around. We have developed web apps that feel very mobile, and there are native mobile apps that could work fine as just a website.

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"My SaaS platform is limited.”
"Build a store just for you."

Running premium SaaS software that breaks after an update and doesn’t do what you need do costs nerves. It’s time to get do costs nerves. It’s time to get an upgrade. Let’s make a conscious decision together.

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Decentralized web3

“I want to own my data and move it to the blockchain.”
“Let’s figure out the best way to do it.”

The brave new world of blockchain development and the idea of NFTs can be terrifying. We are the contributors to The Blockchain OS, which helps overcome blockchain computational limits yet provides the security of original networks. Suitable for brave ventures focused on the decentralized future of the internet.

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information systems

“Our UI is generic, and the system is slow.”
“There are different ways.”

Suitable for mature businesses in need of a fresh perspective on their information and communication systems. It’s not all about software; it’s about its users and digital interactions. The goal is to cut down mundane chores, aid decision making with automation and optimize the workload.

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Data-driven visual dashboards

“We want to impress our stakeholders.”
“Let’s build a showstopper dashboard.”

The best brief we’ve had was "Make it sexy. Hard to imagine that the context was a spreadsheet file; however it seemed like a challenge right up our alley. Word has spread, and it has become one of our silent trademarks. Unfortunately, a spreadsheet file usually comes with a very long NDA.

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